What Do Whales Want? (videos)

What Do Whales Want? (videos)

Enjoy these gifts from the Spirits in our community Throwing the Bones Ceremony.

Bear, Lioness, Whale…

listen to the callings from our companions on earth.

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  1. So heartfelt. Every precious thought – which really makes you look at life through a different lens. Thank you, JoAnne. You bring forth a new calling, a new way to be with the earth, her beings, and all of life’s web.

    • I’ve been making a long list of responses to the question Whale offered us…what do they want? What would make the oceans and life on earth well for them? How can I contribute to their well-being?

      We can keep asking and listening to our companions on earth, so many who have been here much longer than we have. They have knowledge to share about living in balance with wildly diverse beings, about co-creating a thriving web of life.

      Heart to Heart,

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