Tending Your Heart

Tending Your Heart


We are in between Equinox and Solstice, a passage between seasons, a transitional space that bridges what has been with what is coming into being. There are diverse cultural traditions that mark this transitional time with ceremonies and celebrations, recognizing the power and beauty that live in the in-betweens.
In-betweens are sacred spaces filled with mystery and wonder, with questions and quests. You may feel you’re in the currents of a flowing river. What direction are you heading? Pulled off balance by turbulent waters? Floating in gentle eddying pools?
In-betweens are inherent in the passages of life. We leave behind what has been and move through thresholds of change. In-betweens are transformational times and places. Dying away is intimately woven with birthing. Endings join up with not-yet-lived possibilities. There is spaciousness here. Boundlessness. Vastness to wander around in and explore.
You may feel lost, waiting and wishing for a clearly defined map. You may find yourself grieving. Passion for the adventure may come alive. You’ll weave and unweave, build and dismantle, rest and pause and regenerate. Creativity and co-creating will be at play, in each and every one of us, in all the in-betweens.
Like the magical transformations inside a chrysalis to generate wings and awaken the capacity to fly.
Like the extraordinary gestation in the watery realm of the womb before entering the outside world and breathing air.
Like the mysterious journey of leaving behind physical existence on earth and becoming pure energy and spirit.
In these sacred passages, there lives a challenging, empowering, loving invitation to settle into the wonder of not knowing.
Even here ~ especially here ~ let your heart be your guide.


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  1. Your post is perfectly timed, JoAnne. This sentence, “You may feel lost, waiting and wishing for a clearly defined map” resonates so strongly right now. It’s helpful to hear this is part of being in transition.

    • It’s such a natural desire to want something clear and well-defined in the midst of transitions. Really vital to be gentle with oneself, to notice the organic unfolding, the momentum that shows itself often in incremental ways…like a garden growing, like the moon phases shifting, like each step in a journey on the way toward a destination…

      Heart to Heart,

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