In the midst of quarantines and closures
within each of us lives a spaciousness
ready and waiting to be found.

You are as vast as a star.

Mother Earth is showing us the instinctive power of healing
in what looks like magic
in the organic unfolding
in just a few weeks:
Regeneration on the land and in the oceans
Cleaning up of the air
Reclaiming of natural landscapes
Deepening stillness and quiet
Knitting together fibers of connection
Reweaving the web of life.

Your Song is as vast as a star
like the sun in the daytime
and the stars at night
energy radiates far beyond your body
flowing from the inside out.

How do you want to shine?

What do you want to share?

What healing is calling to you?

Rejuvenate the wild spaciousness of your own heart.
Remember the beauty of your Song.
There is plenty of room
within us
between us
and all around
for giving
and receiving

6 Responses to Spaciousness

  1. JoAnne, WOW what a powerful teaching. It made me cry…tears of joy and the realization that all the craziness has a higher purpose.

  2. Yes! Thank you, JoAnne, for bringing forth this beautiful reminder and teaching. Gratefully, I am well, and am, with this unplanned distance from the usual structures of my life, beginning to feel closer again to the Song of which I am.

    • Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your story and about what you are discovering during this time. In the pause and letting go of the usuals, there is often so much to feel and be found.
      Heart to Heart,

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