Sacred Ground for Grief

Sacred Ground for Grief

I went to the red rock mesas
to be in ceremony
to grieve
for so many
with so many
for so much

I went to the red rock mesas
to sit on sacred grounds
to breathe – everybody’s birthright
to listen
to be in the field of a wide-open embrace
of the unbound love
for all life, every life
that ripples on and on and on

touching the wounding
the wounded
the wounders

holding the death
the dying
the spirits of the dead

feeling the rivers
of tears
and sorrow

hearing the dreamers
and the dreaming for change

awakening us to remember who we are
so we see with the eyes of the heart

6 Responses to Sacred Ground for Grief

  1. Thank you, JoAnne. I felt a great healing that day. I’m back to work and feeling better. I see a happy summer ahead, although feel we need to take care in our living. New world out there. New peace, new happiness. My gratitude for you is an overflowing spring of clear, cool water.

  2. Thank you, JoAnne.
    I made a similar pilgrimage with grief to Rio en Medio today.
    Came home to find your poetic post and also this poem from The Radiance Sutras, which I share below! Swaha!

    “The air I am breathing
    was exhaled in ecstasy
    By an ancient sun.

    This earth I am standing on
    Was born of cosmic fire.

    The blood flowing through my veins
    Is as salty as the primordial ocean.

    The space permeating my body
    Is infinite as the space all around.

    Above, below, to all sides, within,
    The elements of the universe
    Are engaged in their ceremony of delight.

    This is my religion.

    The attraction between suns
    Is the same
    As the love pulsating in my heart.”

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