Medicine for the New Moon

Medicine for the New Moon

Deer Medicine

Guidance for December 26th New Moon

The New Moon is the opening into a new cycle, a powerful time to set intentions, to vision and dream. Our December New Moon closely follows the Solstice, the shifting into a new season on our earth. During this New Moon, we’ll have an eclipse which heightens the energy of the new beginning. And our December New Moon is the initiation of the lunar cycle that carries us into the new calendar year 2020. Such an empowering time to reflect on where we’ve been, to clarify what we really want, and to choose the direction we’re heading in our personal lives and collectively on our earth.

Enjoy listening to learn more about Deer Medicine as we enter these new beginnings…



For Personal Healing & Guidance: Throwing of the Bones Ceremony


8 Responses to Medicine for the New Moon

  1. JoAnne,

    What a marvelous gift you shared!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful meditation of the deer medicine for this new moon.

    The darling picture of the baby fawn adds to the precious light and song we hold within, inviting us to be ONE!

    Thank you!


    • Thank you, Helen. I am in process of setting up another format for the New Moon Medicines. Let me see how I can post so this is shareable for now. Thank you!
      Heart to Heart,

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