Lioness in the Heart

Lioness in the Heart

Lioness is calling to the Heart of Humanity.

She is calling to the remembering of our own heart’s knowings

for building our world, for creating our ways of living,

so we are nourishing, loving, and protecting the generations now and to come.

Have a listen…

Lioness Medicine is part of our new online class: Walk with the Spirits: Cycle Two.
Each day you receive a recording (+ transcript) with the medicines and healing gifts of a unique spirit guide.

Guidance and companionship are always in reach and just a breath away.

8 Responses to Lioness in the Heart

  1. Thank you JoAnne, for sharing the lioness’s medicine she spoke to you! What a DARLING, SWEET, JOY FILLED picture of mamma and baby! Both are receiving each other’s love…
    Thank you too for Cycle 2…I am so excited to walk with the spirit of Lioness and all others, experiencing their wisdom! Yay!

    • You’re so welcome, Rita. Thank you for sharing your love for the Mama Lion and her cub. They are showing us the way!

      Look forward to sharing the journeys in Cycle 2 of Walk with the Spirits with you!

      Heart to Heart,

  2. Thank you JoAnne for sharing the wonderful medicine of the lioness. We all need to be concerned about what mother earth will be like
    for our future generations .
    Welcome to summer and the longest day,


    • Hi Fred. Here’s to the gifts of Lioness and Solstice, for healing shiftings in the seasons of our lives and on our earth.
      Heart to Heart,

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