Beyond the Bounds

Beyond the Bounds

It was some kind of magic. Jasmine was staying close to home, not roaming far and wide in her instinctive wild dog ways. Whenever I checked on her, she was somewhere in sight, resting under a tree or in the warmth of the sun, and offering a tail-wagging greeting. Jasmine seemed content and I was delighted not to be fencing her in.

When wintertime came, we changed our daily walks from the snow-packed hills behind the house to the shoveled roads in our rural neighborhood. I began meeting my neighbors, some for the first time, and sharing more than drive-by waves and hellos. Much to my surprise, everybody knew Jasmine. They adored her. They were filled with story after story to tell. I was wide-eyed as I listened. Completely unbeknownst to me, Jasmine had woven a rich web of relationships and close circle of friends.

She had been given many names, including Sweetie New Dog.

She was known as the Queen of the Pack, the unquestioned leader of the neighborhood dogs. Hazel, the energetic beagle, and Sancho, the tiny chihuahua, were her faithful companions. They trotted along beside Jasmine as she made her daily rounds.

She was a regular visitor to the home of an elder dog who was deaf and blind. Jasmine walked right up to the outdoor kennel, meeting the Old Wise One nose to nose through the wire. Jasmine would stay awhile, standing shoulder to shoulder, side by side, talking Canine with her friend.

Following in Jasmine’s footsteps, we can explore what it is like when we simply are being who we naturally are. Freeing up our curiosity and creative wildness. Weaving connection across borderlines and walls. Untangling from the bindings that hold back our hearts.

In our daily wanderings, we too can leave joy and tender care in our wake. Seeking and sharing companionship. Giving and receiving Love. There’s more than enough to go around.


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  1. JoAnne you always have such wonderful insights into every day life.
    YES THERE IS ALWAYS MORE THAN ENOUGH LOVE TO GO AROUND. We have a group of neighbors who meet regularly at the village green. We seek
    Companionship, giving, and love. Saturday night we light the village Christmas tree.
    Blessings Fred

    • Hi Fred. What a lovely gathering among you and your neighbors. Thank you for sharing.
      Heart to Heart,

  2. Another beautiful story of nature’s relationships. How wonderful. Joanne, I have followed you from afar for many years and always delight in in your exquisite observations. Thank you for sharing them, they are always heart-warming and fill me with a sense of peace from both you and nature. Please give Jasmine a hug!

    • I love imagining what they share with each other, all the knowledge and care in their canine lineage.
      Heart to Heart,

  3. Hello Joanne and Jasmine…….I have a couple of new doggie friends in my life as well as those I get to see greet and rub regularly or occasionally
    After a lot of years without a 4 legged companion, I am on the lookout for a little buddy to share my small log cabin home and my
    my lifestyle, especially my drives from New Jersey to Maine
    Your story was both a blessing and a message
    Lovely photo of Jasmine
    loving wishes

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