Throwing of the Bones Ceremony

Personal healing, work, relationships, clarity for next steps in your path…what guidance are you seeking?

Throwing of the Bones is an ancient divination ceremony and healing art. The ceremonial bundle has been created in the traditional ways of Ka Ta See, a lineage from the Eastern Andes. Each of the seventy bones is the home for a particular spirit guide, including Coyote, Great Horned Owl, Tree Frog, Whale, Wolf, Butterfly, and Buffalo.

Throwing of the Bones Ceremony is an in-depth, many-layered conversation. Healing and guidance unfold in beautiful, empowering ways. The doctoring from the spirits begins before we meet and continues to touch your life after you receive the ceremony.

We can meet in person or long-distance. The ceremony is available for individuals, couples, families and groups, and is offered in community gatherings.

Your communication with the spirits and the way you express the knowledge is profound and very beautiful. I feel I received an indescribable healing.

— J.H.

Apprenticeship in Throwing of the Bones in the Ways of Ka Ta See

Personal and group apprenticeships are available to learn the art and skills for Throwing the Bones Ceremony. The elders describe Bone Throwing as the oldest form of divination on our earth.

In the Apprenticeship studies, you will delve into an ancient healing art that has been passed on through the generations primarily as an oral tradition. Apprentices learn how to create their personal medicine bundles for Bone Throwing Ceremony. You will learn ceremonial tools for cultivating relationships and clear communication with the spirits. Explore the fascinating, complex dynamics of Throwing the Bones.

Studying the Bones is filled with healing, joy, intrigue, and boundless magic. The unique ceremonial ways of Ka Ta See are shared with great respect to maintain the integrity of the lineage. It is an honor to pass on these ancient ceremonial ways.

Experience Throwing of the Bones Ceremony

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