Online Classes

Living in Balance from the Heart, Apprenticeship in Ka Ta See

Unconditional love, harmony, equity, freedom, heart to heart relationships ~ these are the ways of living ka ta see, in balance. In the Apprenticeship Program, every ceremony and spirit journey you experience first-hand is a healing tool, a sacred process, you can bring into your everyday life.

Next Apprenticeship Circle begins in Summer/Fall 2021

Medicine of the Moon

Explore the lunar phases as a guide to natural cycles of healing, manifestation, and change. Learn how to intentionally weave your connection with the moon into your everyday life.

Spirit Medicine Retreat

Join me for a four-week online retreat to deepen your connection with spirit guides and the gifts they share. In each gathering, we will focus on a particular Spirit and their unique Medicine. Explore how to bring this medicine into your daily life, your relationships, and personal and collective healing. So much beauty, wonder, and magic!

 Ancestral Wisdom: Your Kinship with Earth and Spirits

We are being called to reclaim our humanity, to remember who we really are and how we belong. Equity, harmony, and love begin on the inside, and bring alive the potential to weave our relational world with respect, curiosity, and connection. Discover the kinship being shared when you see with the eyes of the heart.

Dream Seeds

With JoAnne’s book, Spirit of Chocolate, as a guide, we will explore the magic of the rainforest and the heart-opening medicine of cacao. Discover the power of dreaming new dreams for your life, for the earth, for all life.

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