Spirit Medicine Path

We are being called to reclaim our humanity,

to awaken our hearts,

heal the wounds,

embody our natural belonging,

empower each other to live fully and freely,

and weave love and respect in all our relationships in the web of life.

Spirit Medicine Path

Online Gathering Space

Opening in 2021

Online Retreats coming soon:

Spirit of the Healer

Building the Bridge to a Heart-Centered World

Ancestral Wisdoms: Living in Rhythm with Earth, Sun & Moon

Way of the Circle: Weaving Relationships with Equity, Acceptance & Love

Forgiveness: Freedom from Bindings to the Past

…& more!

Feel free to be in touch.
I’d love to hear about what you are seeking to enrich your personal life path.
Manaole U Manaole,
from my heart to the heart of our mother earth to your heart,
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