New Online Class 🌙 Medicine of the Moon

New Online Class 🌙 Medicine of the Moon

Our Moon and Earth are close companions in an ancient, celestial dance. The Moon circles the Earth while the Earth circles the Sun while the Sun spirals in the Milky Way Galaxy, through the vast universe, connecting with all that’s within and beyond.

Our Moon influences ocean tides, fertility cycles, migration patterns, seasonal shifts, cycles of day and night – and more! – on our planet. You are part of this intricate tapestry.

Medicine of the Moon has four modules, each one exploring a particular phase of the lunar cycle. Every module includes video and written materials (downloadable) filled with teachings, medicine stories, experiential practices, and guidance for creating sanctuary and sacred space in relationship with each phase of the lunar cycle.

New Moon: Initiations & Visioning
Waxing Moon: Birthing & Growth
Full Moon: Honoring & Receiving
Waning Moon: Death & Letting Go

Follow the Moon as a guide for healing, transformation and change.

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

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