Deliciousness of Life & More from Our Ceremony

Deliciousness of Life & More from Our Ceremony

Tobacco Offering, create sacred ceremonial space

Giving & Receiving, boundless sharing ~ Horse Medicine

Deliciousness of Life, a vital nourishment ~ Wild Boar Medicine

These are a few of the gifts from our Solstice and New Moon Ceremony. Enjoy these video clips.

Soak in and share the guidance and teachings. Ceremonial healing ripples on and on and on.


6 Responses to Deliciousness of Life & More from Our Ceremony

  1. Really enjoyed these clips, Joanne. So glad that you’ve “allowed it in” and are sharing with others.
    Much love,

  2. Dear JoAnne,

    Your mannerisms, movements, tone, and voice cadence lead me to believe I have come across a kindred spirit. I am overjoyed and receptive to your analyses and conclusions about the seamless interconnectedness of All. Bear with me as a Novice in Life and an earnest student. Thank You for sharing.

    • Hi Khadijah. So beautiful to find kindred spirits.

      May the ceremony and spirits continue to nourish you.

      Heart to Heart,

    • You’re so welcome, Fred. Here’s to the love rippling on and and on…

      Manaole U Manaole,
      from my heart to the heart of our mother earth to your heart,

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