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Living in Balance from the Heart 

Apprenticeship Program, Foundations in Ka Ta See

New Apprenticeship Group begins in January 2021

Experience and learn traditional ceremonial ways that have been lived for tens of thousands of years among tribal peoples. The elders shared their way of life to empower our personal awakening and to bring balance to the earth. Harmony, equity, unconditional love, Song to Song relationships – these are the ways of living in balance, living ka ta see.

The ancient ceremonies and spirit journeys, the traditional teachings and tools, are self-empowering processes you can readily bring into your life.

Live centered in your heart. Free yourself from judgments and fears. Build loving, respectful relationships. Cultivate clear communication with the spirit world.

The Apprenticeship Program has been life-changing and life-affirming. JoAnne is deeply authentic in her teachings. She creates safe and nurturing space that allows me to remember who I am and my connectedness to the world.

— B.M.

Apprenticeship Continuing Studies: Throwing the Bones Ceremony

Chea Hetaka, a Ka Ta See elder, describes Bone Throwing as the oldest form of divination on our earth. In the Bone Throwing Apprenticeship, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the traditional ways for creating your personal medicine bundles. You’ll learn the fascinating, complex dynamics of Throwing the Bones.

The Bone Throwing Apprenticeship is filled with personal healing, magic, intrigue, and adventure. You will deepen the skill of connecting with both the seen and unseen realms. Cultivating clear communication and lifelong relationships with your spirit guides is a gift beyond measure. It is a great honor to share these ancient medicine ways with you.

Interested in Apprenticeship in Bone Throwing?

Find out more about Throwing of the Bones Ceremony:

I feel a dynamic, living force in this tradition. The bones speak through you powerfully and you carry this lineage with such grace and beauty.

— M.J.

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